Saturday, May 28, 2016

"The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men Go Oft Awry"

John Steinbeck was right.

In my previous post, I announced how I would timelapse record the entire trip to Carrabelle, Florida on my GoPro clone... That plan has gone awry... my clone froze up on me... it went awry.

Oh well, I still have two old cell phones, one old IPhone, and my current Android phone which I will use to catch various clips and pics throughout my 480 mile passage. Single handing, I may have to forego certain events due to safety concerns, but if taking pics/video does not imperil safety, I will gather as much media as I can and post it at the first opportunity I have.

Technology is an amazing thing. I have two pads with Navionics HD installed and my course is charted with over 400 waypoints. I have a 20 feet long Micro USB charging cable so I will not exhaust my pad batteries. I also have set up a charging station where one pad will always be charged and ready. What I don't have is water proof enclosures for these devices... enter The Reynolds Group with their famous one gallon Hefty Ziploc bags. Not exactly high tech, but they'll get the job done.

Sorry about the GoPro timelapse but again, "The best laid plans of mice & men go oft awry."

Fair seas and God bless.

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