Thursday, May 19, 2016

Odd Job Day

I've had some odd jobs that have been laying there for weeks...
low priority jobs that did not have to be completed before the trip to Carrabelle. However, since the monsoon season appears to have begun here in South Florida, I decided to tackle these odd jobs.

Painting the ice box/reefer. This odd job has been laying there the longest. Done!

Relocated to Microwave to the small cabinet just right of the area it used to occupy. I then realized the area it did occupy needed painting as well... done! (Of course now I don't know what to put in this huge space - I'll think of something).

The V-Berth has become my mobile storage unit as well as my tool closet. I have various tool boxes organized into various categories and odd tools and parts for Annie. It needed organizing organizing, (duplicated words intentional),... done! (I have cargo nets that I will install in the V-berth before casting off lines in two weeks).

My GoPro Clone is ready to go and I will time-lapse the passage and post it once we have arrived in the Panhandle.

I'm also working on my "Ditch Bag." This is basically a waterproof floating pack of survival gear, PLB, water, rations, and a number of other things I might need if I had to abandon ship, (knock on wood).

Odd job day... done!

Fair seas and God bless.

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