Sunday, March 26, 2017


The term, "Multitasking" became a buzzword in the 1990's and was most often referred to in reference to the computer industry. Actually, it goes back to the 1960's.  According to the OED, the first citation of the word is from 1966, in a magazine called Datamation: Multi-tasking is defined as the use of a single CPU for the simultaneous processing of two or more jobs.

The term may not have been used by those who long ago worked on boats, but the concept could not have been foreign to those who worked on the first boats when the first boats had aged and were in need of being refit. That has to be true.

I have numerous projects in process as I close this week down:
  • I am installing a much needed depthfinder/chartplotter and have designed and fabricated, (not invented), a means by which its transducer can actually shoot through my fiberglass hull, and therefore eliminating the need to punch another hole in the bottom of my boat.
  • I am adding two more deep cell batteries to my house bank of batteries to provide ample power for the 30 day transit to Saint Lucia.
  • I am adding two 100 watt solar panels and a small wind generator to replenish power to the aforementioned house battery bank.
  • I have installed a dynaplate that will protect the boat in case of a lightning strike.
  • I am installing an inverter that will provide 110 volt power to much needed appliances such as my coffee maker and microwave.

I'll break these tasks down into a more detailed posts when they are complete, but I wanted to post regarding the progress and Annie's state of readiness as she nears her departure date for Saint Lucia.

Fair seas and God bless!

This 4" PVC Pipe will house the Depthfinder Transducer
Transducer House Angle Test...
Very Advanced Caulking Tube Placement
5200 Set & Secure
Ready for Leak Test

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Serendipitous Finds....

Every now and then, when looking for something else completely, you find something else completely.

I was on the hunt for Aluminum Flat Bar to mount two solar panels securely on Annie. My journey to local hardware stores in Carrabelle did not yield the desired size... then East Point disappointed, and then Apalachicola failed me.

Ready to return to Annie empty handed, my friend Mike and I stopped by a shop owned by a friend of his. Next to that shop was a place called, The Tin Shed... it was there I found something else completely.

The Tin Shed has to be one of the coolest shops I've ever visited. Though I was only able to peruse the premises for about 30 minutes, I believe I could have lingered half a day. It was like numerous nautical dreams willed into reality in one shop.

I did not find my Aluminum Flat Bar there, but I did find something else completely.

Take a look at some pictures from this shop and if you are ever in Apalachicola, stop in a visit this unique store on 170 Water Street.