Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Testing the GoPro Clone...

I had a little free time today and decided to test my GoPro clone's time-lapse capability. I'm hoping to record the entire passage from Stuart to Carrabelle. At one shot per every 5 seconds it should provide a interesting documentary of the journey.

This test was to determine mounting angle, view, and gather needed experience. It's a shot from Annie's port side facing forward. It looks like Annie is tugging at her lines, ready to start her journey.

I also figured out how to set the time and date AFTER this shot. I also figured out how to better the resolution of each frame.

If I had it to do over, I would have spent a couple of more bucks and got a clone with wifi. That would have enabled me to use my Android phone to control the camera. Hindsight.

Here's some recommended GoPro clones...

Canany WIFI Action Camera Full HD 1080P

PPLEE Full HD 1080P

Legazone WIFI 2.0'' 12MP HD 1080P 170Wide Sports Camera

Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Not a bad start. I personally enjoy watching time lapse videos.

    1. Yeah... condensing a 8-10 day trip into a 30 minutes video should be interesting.