Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Bought Another Boat!

I thought when I bought Annie that I would never buy another boat... I mean, she's a Westsail 32, why would I ever need another boat? She can take me anywhere in the world! BUT, when at anchor, she can't get me to shore. So, I bought another boat.

She's a 9 feet long Achilles Dinghy with a 4 HP Yamaha outboard that I have named, "Little Annie." She barely fit on the bow, but fit she did. I knew this project was coming for a couple of weeks now, so I ordered flush mounted stainless steel tie down rings to secure the dinghy during passages. (I removed my handrails when I bought Annie because they were in bad shape and I did not replace them, (Butterfly Hatch and Hand Rails), hence, I needed tiedowns).

I am looking for some quick release straps to tie Little Annie down, (the bungee cords holding her in place for the moment are temporary). You see, Little Annie, is also going to serve as my lifeboat on my trip to Carrabelle. I'm hoping to get a real liferaft by the time I leave for Saint Lucia in a year, but for now, Little Annie will serve double duty as my dinghy and my liferaft. In an unlikely catastrophic event, quick release straps seem like a good idea.

Here's the pics...

Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Great! nice little convertible to zip around in. Looks like it fits the fore deck well.

    1. Thanks Dan... She barely fit, I thought it was 8 ft but she was actually 9ft. But yes, Little Annie will get lots of use eventually,