Thursday, May 12, 2016

Plugging Along...

I have less than 20 days left before I set sail for Carrabelle, Florida. I still have over a dozen things that need to happen before I leave.

Today, I inspected my rigging and adjusted the roller furling and some of the shrouds. Good thing too; a couple of cotter pins were not spread and one was completely missing.

Also, the cockpit floor is removable on a Westsail 32 allowing access to the engine room. The problem is water intrusion in turbulent seas. Many West Sailors have come up with numerous ways to deal with the problem... I simply installed a rubber water seal. Will it be completely water intrusion proof? No, but it will be adequate for my easy passage to Carrabelle.

While at dock I am able to supply my boat with water via the marina water supply, but once I'm unplugged, I have to depend on my two forty gallon water tanks. Both were filled to the brim.

Water - Check!

I also secured my non-pressurized alcohol stove. Again, while at the dock, the stove is not tempted to move, but once underway and sailing, the boat will heel over at various angles. I installed four
L-shaped brackets, two in front, two in back. The stove now fits snugly between the brackets and unless Annie is actually knocked down, it will not be moving.

The quick release straps are now on Little Annie, (the dinghy), and she is ready to go.

Oh yeah, one more thing... I installed and activated my Delorme InReach Satellite tracking service. A couple of good Christian friends donated the funds for the device, (Thank you Harold and Emily). Now, my friends and family can follow the progress of my passage to the panhandle. Here's the link where you can keep up with my location:

All in all... I'm plugging along.

Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Great to see all the improvements you are making on Annie. That Inreach in particular made a huge difference in my comfort zone and I am sure you will find the same.
    Fair winds

    1. Thanks Peter... you gave me the idea on inreach. Never completely out of touch is a good thing... especially with limited experience.

      Hope you're having fun in Bermuda.