Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last Night at Sunset

This evening I moved Annie to the fuel dock and I will spend my last night here at Sunset Bay Marina. This has been my home for almost a year and honestly, it has been a wonderful place to live. The staff is professional, helpful, and efficient. The sailors here are all friendly, (for the most part), and the sunsets...spectacular!

I will miss Sunset Bay.

New adventures lie ahead. I will fuel Annie in the morning and travel the Port Saint Lucie canal to Lake Okeechobee. I will go through two locks to be raised to lake level and if time permits, I will cross the lake and spend the night in Clewiston.

Let the journey begin.

Fair Seas and God bless.


  1. I know a guy who took his boat from my marina in MD down to FL and he went through Lake Okeechobee. Good way to cut through the state. Hope your trip goes well. Enjoy your time.

    1. Thanks Dan...

      I'll post pics every chance I can when WIFI is available. Top right hand column, there's a link to ANNIE'S LOCATION... it is my Delorme Tracking Device so people can follow the passage.

    2. Cool! I hadn't noticed that before. I've been testing out a ham radio based gps tracking in my truck that works well, but doesn't always link up with a relay that posts position online.

      Safe travels, Dave.

  2. Have great trip and enjoy the adventure.

    1. Thanks Mike.

      A little nervous... 480 miles, my first single-handing trip.

      Main goal... DON'T HIT ANYTHING! LOL