Saturday, October 24, 2015

Updated Floor Plan

Here's an updated floor plan of Annie... Everything appears to be laid out correctly.

Fair seas and God bless.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Before & After

Sometimes it's good just to remind yourself how far you've come.

I realize that refitting a boat is an ongoing continuous endeavor... a never-ending story. There are always jobs to be tended to and projects to start and finish... but it is motivating, (at least for me), to look back and realize just how far you've come and that inspires you to move forward.

Fair seas and God bless.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Settling in and Little Jobs...

I know it's been two or three weeks since I posted last but moving can get crazy. I've been settling in and doing some small jobs on the boat.

The move went great with the exception of my raw water supply pump. It is now dripping and I will have to repair it before long. Thanks to Jack and Jesse for crewing with me for the 26.5 NM trip.

I've been doing lots of small jobs including removing the rubber flap that I installed to quickly close, keep the rain out, and the AC in. I have now installed Plexiglas doors - they look much better and work much better. I've also been doing some repainting and varnishing, and finishing up some odds and ends trim work.

Most of the jobs inside the boat are now finished. AC/DC Refrigeration is installed, (though I still have to wire the DC side), all lights are working, pressure water system is performing well, all in all, most everything inside is finished and working good. SO...... Most work from here on out will be outside.

The caprails have to be reworked and repaired. The boom must be rigged. The back-stay must be shortened by six inches and the sails must be set. I've noticed some rust stains from a couple of my chainplates, so they must be removed, inspected, and possibly replaced. The deck must be repaired, (spider cracks), and painted.

Though I know refitting a boat never really ends, (there are always jobs and projects that need to be accomplished), nevertheless, I am now entering the final stages of Annie's refit.

Here's some pics from the move and the small jobs I've been doing while settling in here at Sunset Bay. BTW, this place is properly named... the sunsets are beautiful!

Fair seas and God bless!

Jack... King of the World!

Jesse James...Outlaw & Friend

Fishing Along the Way

You can't tell but the trim has engravings

The NAV Station is a disaster!

Sunset at Sunset Bay...Beautiful!