Monday, May 9, 2016

Monitor Windvane... Check!

When I bought Annie two of her selling points was she had a stainless steel bowsprit and a Monitor Windvane, (in addition to the fact she was a Westsail).

Today, I finished rigging the Monitor. During my trip to Carrabelle, Florida I will be sailing the gulf no less than two days. Obviously, single handing I cannot stay at the tiller 48 hours straight so the Monitor had to be readied. This involved a number of things but one was attaching the tiller to the windvane. I chose to go with cam cleats. They allow a quick set and a quick release.

We're getting there...

BTW... I sure miss this furry face! (Well at least he's with his Nanny... that makes him happy).

Fair seas and God bless.

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