Sunday, January 1, 2017

Life Goes On...

In an effort to deal with the grief and the loss of my best buddy, Fuji, I have thrown myself into boat work.

I have decided to build a seat into my V-Berth and have now begun that project. I have been considering this for some time but it was sort of a "one day I'll do that," project. I wanted a place in the V-Berth where I could just sit comfortably and possibly read or listen to music occasionally. Plus, when I'm on the hook or the ball from time to time, the ventilation will be best in the V-Berth seeing the large V-Berth hatch always points into the wind and acts like a wind scoop.

Since I have to stay on the hard for another month anyway due to paint issues, (see this post), this has now become an active project. It will entail cushion modification that will require a seamstress, but I'm sure I can find at least one somewhere here in Carrabelle.

I'm somewhat of a hack when it comes to carpentry, but in the end, I think it will turn out fine and I will enjoy a new aspect to my V-Berth.

Dealing with the death of Fuji has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. For me, the only way I can adequately deal with it, is to stay very, very busy and keep telling myself, "Life goes on..."

Fair seas and God bless!

Cushions from Home Depot will be modified and resewn.

Drawing Lines matching the cushion sizes

Initial cuts...

Piece work patches and seat... (where is that spackle?)

Won't be sleepin the V-Berth until it's finished.


  1. Good idea to use that space. Many larger boats have seats next to the larger berths. Good to have a place to sit for changing. Looks like you'll have just enough space under the seat to run wires/hoses if needed.

    1. Yeah, what's amazing is this was going to be a small one or two day project... Today is day four. I'll finish today... I think.

      Thanks for following Dan.