Monday, January 23, 2017

Galley Upgrade

When I bought Annie in March of 2014, this is what her Galley looked like...

When I rebuilt the Galley, I, in my naivete, decided to use tile for my countertop. Big mistake!

Grout does not like to stay clean! No matter how often I cleaned it, the grout, though sealed with grout sealer, would still get dirty and because of the natural texture of grout, everything stuck to it.

Galley's initial refit

Be it as it may, a Galley upgrade was not in the plans... until... a refit sailor friend, Mike, on Solana had some leftover Corian and he offered it to me. I couldn't resist! Thanks Mike!

I estimated three days to upgrade the Galley.

One day to remove all trim, tear out the old tile, remove the grout, and prepare the countertop plywood for the Corian countertop.

One day to make a template, cut the Corian and install it.

One day to hook up a new sink, faucet, drain, etc., replace the trim, and clean up.

Guess what... for the first time in the history of projects on Annie... the estimated time was right!

Now, judge for yourself as to the upgrade...

Mike told me the best way to make a template...

Strips of thin plywood, hot glued together... It's great! Thanks again Mike!

This was an extra piece Mike had so one corner has to be spliced.

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Fair seas and God bless!


  1. an upgrade to the upgrade.

    Looks good. Looks more "normal" and should be easier to clean now that you don't have dozens of cracks throughout the surface.

    1. Yes... I think this will work far better.

      Quick wipe down tonight after cooking... CLEAN!

  2. Hey Dave,
    I haven't seen the completed job. Looks great. Now for the tiller. Don't forget to take some pics.

    1. Hey Mike... I took the canvas off today to let it get some sun.

      Just finished the counter top this afternoon.

      It turned out good.

      Thanks again for the Corian.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks... I think it will work much better.

      Thanks for following.