Thursday, January 19, 2017

Boom Cradle...

While waiting on a new thru-hull to arrive, I decided to tackle one of those jobs that isn't critical, but needs to be completed sooner or later. I have a number of these jobs laying around the boat, but this one has been bugging me lately. So, today, I removed, sanded, and revarnished my Boom Cradle.

Looks pretty good. I'll add pics to this post tomorrow night once it's dried and has been reinstalled.

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. looks good.

    I know many Nor'sea owners have them. There isn't one on my boat but I don't think I'll put one on anytime soon.

    Been playing around with a side project. A Raspberry Pi Zero running OpenCPN. Just updated a couple things on it too.

    1. Thanks Dan.

      Just added the pics from the re-install. Should last a couple of years... used Epifanes.

      What does a Raspberry Pi Zero do? Looks way above my paygrade. :)

    2. the Pi Zero is a $5 computer that people use to experiment with in different ways. It runs on Linux so people can use/make programs for whatever they come up with. The larger Pi's like the Pi 3 is about $40, but same thing. just a tiny computer.

    3. My son is a Senior Software Engineer for Google... Sounds right up his alley.

      Up his alley but WAY over my head... LOL!