Friday, February 10, 2017

Annie Gets a New Tiller.

If you remember, the original tiller that came with Annie broke in a storm while in a slip at Nettles Island Marina, (you can read all about that HERE).

Thanks to a couple of friends, Jack Webb on s/v Drifter and Denis Morrin on Database, I was afforded two tillers that would get me by until I could do something about getting a new one.

Anyway, a new tiller from Westsail Parts Company was about $420 bucks including shipping. Now, you know me... I'M ON A BUDGET!

I needed an alternative... so I waited... enter, Mike from s/v Solana. Mike is one of the most helpful sailors I've ever met. He saw my tiller situation and offered to help me build another one and even provided the Douglas Fir to build it with! Mike, you're the best!

I still have a number of coats of varnish to apply, but thought I would go ahead and post the pics of the projects up until now. (I'll add final pics of the varnished tiller on this post at a later date).

Fair seas and God bless!

The Jig

Started with two boards, then added the last four


  1. Nice Job!
    Mike has some interesting projects over on his blog.

    That's a good looking tiller.

    1. Thanks Dan...

      Thanks to Mike... I would not have known where to start, but now that I helped him with this one, I could do it again if I needed to.

      He has come a long way on his boat and she is really nice.

      Your wiring project is looking good.

    2. Thank you. I got much of the main part I wanted to do done. This weekend, I hope to run a wire to the breaker panel I installed by the nav desk so I'll have a working VHF radio.

  2. Nicely done, David. You're becoming quite the "Master Craftsman"!

    1. Thanks Jack. Most of the credit goes to Mike... but now I know how to make a tiller.

      Hope all is well on Drifter.