Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

The last couple of weeks have been busy and next week will follow suit.

Last week I was able to visit my son, my daughter, (she was also visiting), daughter-in-law, and all of my grandchildren in San Francisco, CA. It was great being able to see them all together... memories I will take with me to Saint Lucia next year.

This week has been spent getting ready for another trip to Central Georgia. I have been unable to do much boatwork on Annie due to a monstrous uber storm that has been sitting over The Forgotten Coast and spinning for the last four days... just spinning and spitting inches of rain in the area. I did drive down to inspect my recently rebedded V-Berth hatch to verify it was not leaking water and to my pleasant surprise, it was not.

My Lagun Table Mount arrived today and my tabletop will be in tomorrow.

BTW, do not buy the Lagun Table Leg stateside... Stateside companies mark it up to ridiculous prices... buy it here... MARINE TEAK. Though it is an English based company, their price is reasonable, affordable, and it arrived within four days from placing my order.

As soon as the tabletop arrives, I will head down and do the install. I'm very excited about the Lagun Table Mount. It will be perfect for Annie. Check out the video below...

I'll take lots of pictures of the install and post them as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, Annie sits waiting... waiting... waiting... for my return. Next big project, prep and paint her topside, bottom, and splash her. The rest of her projects will be completed at dock.

Fair seas and God bless!

That's not water intruding... it's old epoxy. I need to paint there.


  1. I like those interior shots. You've done a good job getting her back in shape.

    1. Thanks Dan. We've come a long way. Can't wait to prep and paint her topside. Trying to decide on color; thinking Black with red bottom. There's only a couple of Westsails that are black and they are beautiful. BUT... black is unforgiving and a major change in color will demand multiple coats... decisions...decisions...

    2. The Westsail in my marina has a dark blue hull, I think. Looks good to me. I can take a pic for you this weekend if you like. Downside, I think, is a dark hull would be quite warm down below. I've been considering a red bottom for Rhapsody.

    3. I wonder how much warmer it would make the boat? It would catch morning and evening sun but during the heat of the day the deck, (which is bright white now and reflects heat well), catches most of the sun... so I'm wondering how much hotter would it be inside... good question to ask on Westsail Facebook.