Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Foresight is 20/20?

The old saying, "Hindsight is 20/20" is simply another way of saying, "I missed something I should have seen before it happened." At least, that seems to be the truth when I've used that saying.

At 58 years old, I prefer foresight.

"Tropical Depression Nine" has a new flight path as of a few minutes ago, and Carrabelle is smack dab in the middle of that path.

Today, I employed my "Foresight." I went to Home Depot, purchased four building anchors, (you know, the kind they use to strap down mobile homes and storage sheds), drove to the boat, located my hurricane straps that came with the boat, and secured her four corners. The yard is supposed to bring two more stands for Annie this evening, (they are stand poor here because Annie has had only four stands since she arrived here). Once the stands are added, Annie should be adequately propped up and strapped down, (say a prayer, knock on wood, cross your fingers).

"Nine" has the entire Gulf of Mexico to travel, so things could change... for better or worst... yeah, I prefer "Foresight."

Six inches of compacted shells... then hard dirt... Good.

Look close... topside prep has begun aft starboard.

WWL 1335 LBS. Working Weight Load

Definitely need two more stands!

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Just saw the track update, you must be a sailor, planning for the worse and hoping for the best. Are you thinking of pulling down your sails to reduce windage?
    By the way I am also 58, still young in my book

    1. Still young... yes.

      Taking the sails down... yes.

      Hoping for the best... Still have some stuff to finish tomorrow. Still could change course.

      Thanks for following Mike...58 = young!

  2. like mike says, taking the sails down might be a good idea.

    Hope she stays upright throughout this ordeal.

    1. Me too... she'd be a bear to pick up.

      "Batten down the hatches!: