Friday, August 12, 2016

Lagun Table and Reefer Work

Today I was able to get two projects done... The Lagun Table Mount install and Reefer rework.

First project, The Lagun Table Mount. This was an easy project compared to a lot of other boat projects I've done on Annie. Everything I needed to do the job was in the Lagun package, (with the exception of the table top which came in via, you guessed it, Amazon).

I decided to go with a Bamboo Table Top that matched my Reefer top. (Plus, at $48 bucks, it was easy to handle on my meager budget).

The whole project took less than an hour and I'm already in love with the functionality of the Lagun Table Top Mount.

Check out the install pics...

Second project, Reefer Work. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with nautical terms, the "Reefer" is the Refrigeration Unit. (I'm not sitting around the boat smoking funny cigarettes).

When I installed my refrigeration unit, (click here), I basically divided the box in half; half of the ice box was freezer and the other half was refrigeration. The freezer section contained the evaporator plate and the divider in the icebox had 1" holes drilled in it allowing some of the icebox side of the box's cold air to flow into the refrigeration side - one side froze and the other side was cold but not freezing. I said all that to say this... I discovered I did not need much freezer space I as I thought I would but I definitely needed more refrigeration space; hence, the project.

Using starboard, I fabricated a small protective rise to protect the copper tubing feeding the evaporator plate. Then using the built-in icebox tapper/shelf ledge, I fabricated a sliding shelf out of starboard that reduces the size of the freezer and provides extra space for refrigeration.

I may have to play around with the airflow holes to get both sides the right temperature, but this will provide far more needed space of the refrigeration aspects of the Reefer.

Check it out...
Before with wire shelf...

Before without wire shelf... box is divided evenly in half.

1/4 of box is now freezer and 3/4 is refrigeration.

Shelf slides easily over for one sided access.

Don't worry, I will wash it clean before using it... :)

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. That table is nice. Plenty of position options.

    1. Thanks Dan... it is.

      I was going to build a booth with a stationary table but realize my pressure water lines would have to be relocated and decided this would work better, LOL