Friday, July 1, 2016

Carrabelle Beach & The Saint Lucia Refit...

Today, I officially started what I call the "SL Refit." (Saint Lucia Refit).

That list consists of a number of things that must take place with a number of things that I want to take place. There are many things on the SL Refit list that are also listed on the Punch List page. Though many of the items on the SL Refit list are not necessary, I want them to be completed for my own comfort level and because I'll have very little time for boatwork once in Saint Lucia.

Here's the list as it is now: (I'll include it on the Punch List Page as the Saint Lucia List).
  1. Lower the V-Berth (includes removing holding tank)
  2. Convert Port Settee to Booth with Table
  3. Rework Companionway Hatch (leaking)
  4. Rebed V-Berth Hatch (leaking)
  5. New Seals to all Port Holes (Some Leak)
  6. Double Bilge Pumps
  7. Eliminate Unnecessary Thru-Hulls
  8. Add Two (2) 125 Amp Hour AGM Batteries
  9. Install Inverter
  10. Install Shore/Gen/Inverter Switch
  11. Wire DC side of Refrigeration Unit
  12. Install Wind Generator
  13. Rework Aft Lazarette
  14. Replace Chain Plates
  15. Inspect/Replace necessary Standing Rigging
  16. All Running Rigging Completed including Staysail w/o Staysail Boom
  17. Install Boom Lift
  18. Install Bulkhead Compass
  19. Install Tiller Autopilot
  20. Install Rocna 35 lb. Anchor
  21. Dodger Installed
  22. Remove Teak Cap-rails and Fiberglass Hull to Deck (Check this link)
  23. Topside Paint with Name on Bow
  24. Bottom Paint
  25. Life Raft (2 or 4 Man)
  26. 7.5 Ft. Dinghy Installed
Now... all these things have to be completed within the next 330 days. (I'm sure the list will grow and shrink depending on time and motivation).

Since I'm in the Panhandle and I will actually have some aspect of seasons and cooler weather in Fall and Winter. I will save all the outside jobs for Fall and Winter.

Today, I readied the V-Berth for holding tank removal and then, the lowering of the V-Berth. This job will probably take three to four weeks if I stay at it every week day.

Out of curiosity, I took a drive down to Carrabelle Beach today to see what it was like. It was as if I stepped through a time portal and went back to Old Florida. I loved it. Today, it was rainy and dreary, but a future visit is in order... especially since you can take your dog. There will definitely be another Fuji Beach Day.

Fuji at the Beach in Port Saint Lucie - November 2014

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. you have your work cut out for you. Hope you're able to get what you need done along with a few "wants" for your trip.

    Best of luck to you.

    1. As always Dan... I'm under the gun.

      Theoretically, all these projects only add up to three months... theoretically. Of course, theoretically, you can prove that an elephant can hang from a cliff with only its tail tied to a daisy. LOL

      I'll get her done... hopefully.