Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Annie Gets a "Pick-Me-Up"

When I arrived at the boatyard today, (after finding an extension ladder to allow me to board the boat), I discovered that Annie was not level bow to stern. Her bow was about six inches lower than it should have been and that produced a problem; her side decks were filled with water, about two inches.

Westsail 32's are designed with rather large double scuppers, starboard and port, just forward of the cockpit. As water accumulates from heavy seas or rain, the water runs down the side decks, hits the large scuppers and flows overboard. Because Annie's bow was so low, the rain just accumulated on the side decks.

When I went to the office to inform them that such a positioning on the hard was not going to work out, the yard workers admitted that she was a little nose-heavy and agreed to correct the problem today. They were true to their word and Annie got a "Pick-Me-Up."

Tomorrow, I have an appointment that will prevent me from beginning work, but Friday, I will commence with cleaning Annie out and starting a number of projects that need to be completed before her 2000 mile sail to Saint Lucia a year from now. 

Here's some pics...

Notice the waterline and the obvious slope forward...

Now her nose is up... (She should be proud)
Fair seas and God bless!


  1. seeing that first picture, I have to ask, just how long is that bowsprit coming out from the bow?

    1. 111 inches overall... about 57 inches from the point of the bow. She's pretty long.

  2. Typo...67 inches from point of the bow.

    1. That's a long stick to poke someone with. lol

      Looks so much better all set up like that than the one in my marina that doesn't have anything on deck.