Friday, June 3, 2016

The Passage to Carrabelle... Day Two

Day two started early; about 6:00 AM.

If you remember, day one ended at the Indiantown Marina with a broken belt. The belt was obviously replaced and the engine inspected for any overheating issues... she appeared to be OK and ready to go. Still, I was a little anxious. I also had a 49 ft. bridge to get under with a 48 ft. mast.

For some reason the time lapse film for day two only recorded 567 frames... it quit before I got to the bridge but I included it because it was such a beautiful morning and to show my masterful captain skills in leaving the Indiantown Marina, (it was a tight turn around), lol.

For those who are Star Trek fans, you'll remember in The Wrath of Khan, when Khan finally locates Enterprise which he had been pursuing, he says, "There she is...there she is!" When I rounded the bend and saw the railroad lift bridge, I just couldn't help myself...

"There she is... There she is!"
After we cleared the bridge, (by 6 inches), I turned to her and stole another line from Khan, "I just wanted you to know who it was who had beaten you."

Immediately after the railroad lift bridge was the Port Mayaca Lock. I was surprised but the lock was open. I requested passage and the lockmaster granted it and all of the sudden, I was heading into Lake O.

This lake is so big you cannot see across it in most places... you would think you were in the ocean. Surprisingly, I don't think the lake is ever more than 20 ft. deep. It was beautiful. But there were lots of algae blooms.

Annie ran great and we covered almost 50 miles on day two, including crossing Lake O. Docked at the Moore Haven City Marina and slept like a baby.

Fair seas and God bless.

P.S. Sorry for the smudgy photos... the lens was dirty.

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