Friday, April 22, 2016

New Split Backstay Legs...

Annie has a single backstay that splits into two smaller legs and they attach to the stainless steel boomkin/monitor windvane apparatus. The tiller bracket on my rudder was at times hitting both legs of the smaller backstays when the rudder was turned too far... causing damage. The damage was such, the starboard leg was worn enough to cause a catastrophic failure had it given way at sea.

I ordered two new backstay legs from Bud Taplin at Westsail Parts Company and installed them this morning.

Once installed, I also installed two PVC conduits to protect the new backstay legs from future damage. I will also be careful not to allow the rudder to be turned too far causing contact.

My new departure date for Carrabelle, Florida is June 1st.  That's 39 days, 14 hours!  There's still 25 things on the moving punch list that have to completed before I cast off lines.

Fair seas and God bless.

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