Friday, April 1, 2016

Nav Station - Ready

My Nav (Navigation) Station has always been a little chaotic. It's so easy to set stuff there when you come down the companionway and often that stuff stays there...forever... and then it begins to pile up. Before you know it the Nav Station has become the junk drawer of the boat overflowing into the boat. Now that I only have 89 days, 16 hours and 45 minutes until I leave for Carrabelle, FL, the Nav Station had to get better. After 4 hours cleaning, sorting, rearranging, and organizing... the Nav Station is ready to Nav.

Tomorrow's work is lined up at the Nav Station, (which often doubles as a Prep Station)... painting the house, (forbidding rain), and installing my new boom bails and new mainsheet.

Though I did not take any pictures, I also cleaned out and defrosted my reefer, (refrigerator/freezer).

Fair seas and God bless.

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