Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Loading Up!

When I bought Annie she came with a 4x9 enclosed trailer full of boat parts, tools, a wide assortment of chemicals, and a lizard or two. Over the course of the last two years in refitting Annie I have emptied the trailer of old parts, added others, and used a few of the chemicals... the lizards deserted me long ago.

Some of the stuff in the trailer was not useful, some was. So, for the last two days I have been taking everything out of the trailer, tossing what wasn't useful and loading the car with what was. The trailer is now empty and up for sale, the car, (which was packed), is now empty and everything has been moved aboard.

Everything from hurricane straps to a transmission to extra anchors to alternators to motor mounts. Amazingly, I was able to locate and secure a place for everything I loaded aboard. (Of course at this point Annie's V-Berth is more of a storage room than anything else).

Fair seas and God bless.

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