Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Back to Work!

For those of you that didn't know, I have been battling the worst head-cold in the history of mankind for the last four weeks. Last week, just when I thought I was getting better, the head-cold shifted into a whole new gear and turned into an upper respiratory infection, (according to the VA and a number of chest x-rays).

Needless to say, I've not been doing much in regard to boatwork. The blog is my witness that I was able to work on projects during the HEAD-cold part of this four week battle, but when this monster moved into my chest, it shut me down for the last week. Today, after three days of medication and thousands of milligrams of Vitamin C, I have forced myself to resume work.

My punch list for the move to Carrabelle, Florida consists of 29 items as of now, (it shrinks and grows from day to day). One of those items was brackets or some way to raise and adjust my solar panels while unplugged from the dock.

Very early on in my ownership of Annie, I purchased two "Boat Hatch Window Adjusters" from Amazon for my sky-view hatch. The sky-view hatch was a little too beefy for the "Boat Hatch Window Adjusters" so I set them aside thinking I could find a use for them later on...

Wallah... I did!

Amazon's "Boat Hatch Window Adjuster"

Here's what I started with...
(nothing to hold the panels up or adjust them...)

Here's how it worked out...

I can even adjust to catch rays on the opposite side of the boat!

Normal configuration

Another little pesky job that just sat there mocking me during my battle with the uber-cold was the finishing of the cowl vent covers... Done!

The list now reads 27 items...
The clock reads 57 days, 19 hours, ans 59 minutes...


Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Nice use of the adjuster. I may consider that myself if/when I get solar on my boat... which is farther down on my project list.

    1. Yes it worked perfect. They were only $19.99 on Amazon and now they are out of stock. Thought about ordering two more and putting one at each end of each panel but I think one each will work.