Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rain Dances, Dorade Vents, and Painting

In the days of the American Indian, certain members of the tribes would do certain dances around a sacred fire and they believed their great spirit would send rain... nowadays, it appears I take care of inviting the rain by simply preparing to paint. As soon as I plan to paint and start taping, the rain comes. I offer my services to the drought stricken areas of the country... I'll even bring my own paint supplies. :)

I was, however, able to tape the house off, prep and paint the dorade vents, and prepare for a dry day on Saturday to finish painting the house and varnishing the dorade boxes.

That is all.

Additional Pics added 3/26/2016.

I have been down with either a cold or severe allergies for the last two days... did a little today but had to quit after one coat. Back at it on Monday.

Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Nice! They match the red canvas next door.

    1. Thanks Dan. I was going to use a bright red but thought the deeper maroon color was more suited for an my older girl... but you're right, matches my neighbor's sails exactly.

    2. I just happen to like dark red. Works well for your boat. I painted a dark red on my boat a little better and like how it looks. I want another one or two coats. Then I can get the name back on the boat.