Friday, March 18, 2016

A Little Make-up for Annie

I was going to put the mainsail up today but it was a little windy so I decided to continue with my painting of the deck and house.

I was a little concerned with how the house would turn out, so I was going to use a method called, "Roll & Tip." Basically, what that means is you roll the paint on using a high density foam roller and then, with a dry brush, you brush the paint with just the tips of the brush at a right angle to how it was rolled on. The result is a very impressive "sprayed on" look. I started with that method but it quickly devolved into rolling on the paint in some sections and using the brush (wet) in others. [You really need two people to do "Roll & Tip" - one to roll it on and the second person to immediately tip the paint].

Regardless, the paint was so great it still looks sprayed on! Here's the amazing thing... it's a cheap one part paint: Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint - Gloss White. Amazon has just raised their price on the paint from $15 to $25 per quart, but Lowes has it in store for $13 here in Stuart (check your store location to see if they carry it in store and check the price; different stores have different prices). In both Amazon and Lowes the paint has a 4.5-5 Star rating. This stuff is great when you're on a budget. Thanks to Peter Ryan on s/v Onapua for recommending it to me. I am very pleased.

Anyway, at this rate, barring rain, I'll have the deck and house finished by next Friday evening.

Fuji...? Yeah, he slept most of the day under the cool A/C and gave me the look when I interrupted his sleep as I came and went in the cabin. LOL

Sleeping Dog...
The Look... Disturbed Dog.

Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Fuji is so funny. Is that his bed or yours? lol

    1. Yes he is. That's his bed... he was sleeping when I came in from painting and I was taking his picture and then he woke up and looked at me with his grumpy face, obviously disturbed with me for disturbing his nap.