Friday, March 11, 2016

"Long Time, No See!"

I realize it's been a while since I have posted but I'm sort of in a transitional period in my life. Without boring you with all the gory details, it appears my time here in East Florida is coming to an end. Needless to say, I've been extremely busy planning and readying for my departure. (I'm not sure where I'll be heading yet but I'll post updates as time passes).

As to boat work, I have not been completely idle.

I got a great deal on a low profile roof top air conditioner that could be permanently mounted and I have installed it, (with the help of my friend, Denis... thanks Denis). It's 13,500 BTU's so it will freeze you out of the boat. As long as I am at dock, I will enjoy the cool and when I do one day get to go cruising, I can easily remove it and replace the skylight hatch, (which I will rework in the interim), or, because it's low profile, I can leave it in place.

I would have went with a "Marine" A/C that was water cooled but the cost was extremely prohibitive. The cheapest unit I could find was $1200 and was only 6,000 BTU. Once you add the thru-hulls, water pump, hoses, raw water filter, wiring, etc. etc., AND I would have to be hauled out to install the thru-hulls. In the end, you're looking at 2K minimum.

I've completely reorganized the V-Berth and eventually will remove the holding tank and lower the berth.

I also am setting all the running rigging and should have the sails installed within a couple of weeks.

I've also resumed painting the deck in sections now that the monsoon season is over here in South Florida.

Of course, My old faithful friend was there to help... unless it was nap time.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading.

Fair Seas and God bless.


  1. You're in a good launching spot to just about anywhere. Good to see you're going to head out soon. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks Dan. I'll know where I'm heading in the next few weeks.