Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Moving the Gates...

When I bought Annie she only had safety rails in the last section of the stern and they were used for my solar panels. I wanted the section forward to that to also to have safety rails because it would enable me to mount a grill there as well as other equipment.

Today, I added another section of safety rails and relocated the gates one section forward. Actually, it was a simple project. It was just a matter of measuring from one stanchion to the other, having the tubing cut, putting the ends on and tightening the screws. Easy Peasy.

I was also able to finish painting the forward deck. I'll move to painting the house in a couple of days.
I also added my roller furling line that will roll up the headsail.

And of course, my best buddy was there to help.

Fair Seas and God bless.


  1. Those rails are nice. I have an idea of installing something similar for solar mounting between two stanchions. For those rails you got, is that meant to replace the lifelines? Does it strengthen the stanchions?

    While I was thinking of a solar installation, you're now giving me other ideas. :-)

    1. Hey Dan,

      The rails do replace the lifelines (in my case, gate lines with pelican hooks). My stanchions are set in place by four bolts tapped into the fiberglass hull, so they're pretty stiff standing alone but I've got to think the rails sure them up even more.

      I may add a couple more solar panels one day identical to the two I already have mounted and I'll still have room for a grill.

      Thanks for following.

    2. I've been looking at the stanchion mounts at emarineinc.com but now thinking that getting the individual parts and doing my own setup might be cheaper.

    3. Here is a good place to get some ideas, http://www.hamiltonferris.com/products/Solar_Power/Mounting_Systems/44

      Also, Google the words, "solar panel mounting kit" and then switch to images and if you see something that might work for you, click "visit Page"... that's how I steal good ideas, lol.