Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's On Now!

It's on now! I'm tearing out the V-Berth... ribs and all!

Before I blog about that, the headliner is finished... it's not finished (it still needs trim), but the main panels are all up and the main job is finished.

I did demonstrate some of my Anal Retentiveness in the process. In the first two photographs below, you'll notice the grooves on the Wainscot in the Main Cabin do not line up with the grooves of the Wainscot in the Mid-ship... that got all over my AR! I had to fix it! The third photograph below shows the corrected Mid-ship... which extends into the V-Berth. Oh well... it had to be fixed. Stop laughing and shaking your head!


The headliner looks great. I even finished the front of the raised house.

Then the V-Berth taunted me... with one side de-planked and the other untouched... it was on! I attacked it with a vengeance... she resisted... I tired... we'll finish this fight by next weekend. Who will win? She will, (and so will I). She will receive new ribs, paint, and planking. It will take a few days for this project... it's dirty and horizontal and that slows the process.

And of course... Fuji helped... for the most part. LOL.

Checking out my work...

Approved... nap time!

Fair seas and God bless!

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