Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pressing On!

I'm pressing on... despite my tiller setback, (more on that story as it develops).

The headliner for the mid-ship and head is up. I still have to do all the trim-work and detailing, but the insulation and main panels are up.

I also scabbed in plywood patches where a couple of V-Berth storage doors were. I did this in order to make a bigger top step for Fuji. I'll detail those tomorrow and finish the step.

Fair seas and God bless!

The A/C is directly above him... He's smart!


  1. Cabin top is looking good.

    Fuji has that look of, "sorry, did you say something?" lol

    1. Thanks Dan.

      Fuji was so loving the A/C he wouldn't have heard me if I did say something to

      Tonight I'll start the V-Berth part... a little more involved on many levels.

      Thanks for following.