Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mid-ship is in Shipshape

Mid-ship is getting in shipshape. The V-Berth is finished but is full of stuff, so no pics until the mattress is in and the bed is made.

What can I say about the painting the mid-ship... not much. Painting is painting and I always get a lot on me... but it does looks good. Tomorrow I'll finish everything but the head. The head will be Monday and Tuesday.

I took down the large drop-down mid-line table and set up a shorter lift up table instead of. I will probably add another one at the other end of the settee in case I have company.

Fair seas and God bless!

P.S. Diann, consider it a walk-in closet.

P.S.S. Denis, get back to work.


  1. Looking good. How much longer until you move in? Looks just about ready.

    1. Hopefully I will be back aboard by Saturday night... of course, you know boat work... it always takes three times the time and twice the money.

      Thanks Dan.

  2. Wow David, nice job on the V-berth and walk in closet! Did you get moved in last weekend? Enjoy the pictures and posts!
    Cheers, Diane

    1. Thanks Diane... still finishing up... working on the head tomorrow, trim and painting... I should be back aboard by Saturday night.

      Thanks for following.