Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nasty Job!

If you've been following, you know I'm reworking the V-Berth... if not, I'm reworking the V-Berth. LOL.

Today, I removed some 30 year old Styrofoam Insulation and it was nasty.

First, I had to work horizontally, lying on my back for most of the job. That makes me dizzy plus almost all the brittle nasty old insulation fell down on top of me in clumps, bits and nasty pieces. Did I mention this job was NASTY?

Then, once all the insulation was down, I had to deal with the 30 year old caulk like glue used to secure the insulation. Thank goodness for my oscillating saw... but due to gravity, all the hard rubbery nasty glue fell down on me as well making this job, you guessed it, NASTY!

Then there's the painting... I'm the kind of person that can look at a can of paint and the paint will plot and scheme how it can manage to get out of the can and proceed to cover any exposed skin on my body! It's almost like watching the blob... eventually, it will consume me.

I decided to paint everything in the V-Berth white, trim and all. I added some more LED's. I still have another day of painting in the V-Berth but so far it's looking pretty good... but it was a nasty job. A shower was never so welcomed!

Fair seas and God bless!

P.S. And Denis... GET BACK TO WORK! LOL!

LED Lights on... hard to tell in the daylight


  1. At least it's looking better.

    1. Yes Dan but I'm sore. Rolling around in a V-Berth w/o a mattress is hard on an old guy... but I REFUSE to give up... lol. Thanks Dan.

  2. Ah, but just think David, when you are done and actually spend your first night in the clean beautiful space you will be in heaven! Nice job... Keep going. Cheers, Diane Clark, SV Konami WS32

    1. Thanks Diane. I appreciate your encouragement.

      I will be nice when it's finished and I'll sleep there for two days! LOL

  3. That looks like a NASTY job, David. Glad it is you and not me as I wouldn't be able to get up to write about it! Best part is you'll have smooth sailing ahead.

    1. Thanks Laura. It wasn't easy to get up...lol. But yes, with the exception of any waste management problems, (knock on wood), it is probably the nastiest and now, it's done.

      I'll move back aboard in the next week to 10 days.

      Thanks for following.