Thursday, April 16, 2015


The AC is in, on, and waterproof!

If you're going to live aboard... in South Florida... in the Summer... you probably will need AC. I realize there are some die-hard sailors out there who disagree, but since I already had the carry-on AC, and since my dock electric is a set monthly rate regardless how much electricity I use, and since I'm a wuss when it comes to heat, and since it's MY boat... THE AC IS IN AND ON! (It's also waterproof... it rained this evening and not a drop got in).

The trimwork for the new companionway is finished. The painting is done and a long delayed project is finished, (a door for the galley sink cabinet).

This weekend, I'll finish the trim in the main cabin, then I will begin the headliner for midship and tackle the whole v-berth refit.

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Congrats!

    Yes, in FL, it would seem AC is a must. Plus, doesn't it help control the humidity in the boat (ie, reduce/prevent chance of mold)? Lucky you that you have it. I don't even have working AC in my house (yet). Last summer, I had to borrow a window unit from a guy at work. HVAC is getting replaced soon. :-)

    1. Got my "Carry-On" from Craig's List... cheap! It's doesn't blow the air hard and fast but it is cool. I have a small fan that will move the cool air to the V-Berth once I start sleeping up there, (after the V-Berth

      Thanks for following Dan.

  2. Nice job on the install. We don't have AC but here in the NW, rain and cold, we use a lot of heat. Re: V-berth refit, do you have your cushions? If not, look and plan very carefully for the access cutouts. Our original cushions were 2 pieces, very large and had to lift entire piece out to get to storage. Cut it down into 3 smaller ones after the fact, expensive cuts.

    1. Thanks JD!

      I do have my mattress already but it folds in half easily to allow for access to my storage and holding tank, (not that I want to go in there often).

      I will be tackling the V-Berth this weekend... sort of excited about it. I'll be posting on it as I go.