Monday, April 27, 2015

Working on the Bedroom

Well I'm working on the bedroom... for those of you who are not familiar with sailboats, it's actually called the V-Berth and is in the very front of the boat.

The first thing I had to do was add a step. If you've followed this blog for long you know that I am trying to make this boat "Old Dog" friendly. The old dog is not me, (though I probably qualify), but rather my eleven year old buddy, my best friend, my dog Fuji. I've modified the companionway steps to allow him easy ingress and egress, now he needs steps to get up into the V-Berth. I've added one and will probably add one more toward the top that will fold away when not needed.

Now for the headliner... first, the 1x3's that will provide a means to secure the Wainscott vinyl panels, (the old strips have been removed), then, the reflective bubble insulation, then, the panels themselves. Then, the big job...the side planks to the V-Berth.

The previous owner or someone in the past, (and I can't believe it was P&M Worldwide), glassed in ribs to the hull with no rhyme or reason: No equaled or measured spacing, some ribs are half ribs, no mold resistant paint barrier, and the existing wood strips I think are some type of Cedar and not long enough to stretch the length of the berth. IT MUST ALL COME OUT! INCLUDING THE RIBS! Of course, that means removing the glassed-in ribs, (itchy itchy... scratchy scratchy), and new fiberglass work.

But it's got to be done... but I'm saving it for last.

Fair seas and God bless!

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