Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Redundant Bilge Pumps... IN!

Annie is scheduled to splash next Tuesday and I have a short "Splash List" that consisted of about five items... most were small, the one today was big.

Annie has had a single 2000 GPH bilge pump with an independant floater switch since I bought her. That has been OK but I've always wanted to have a redundant/coupled system. Two 2000 GPH bilge pumps wired to separate floater switches and separate battery banks, one mounted above to other. The upper bilge pump will kick on in the event the lower bilge pump cannot keep up.

Today, I engineered, designed, and built that system... AND IT WORKS!


Fair seas and God bless!

Nasty Bilge!

The "Y" has a built-in backflow preventer

Of course Annie demanded a little blood... she always does!

Still need to paint but the Bilge engine is in place!


  1. Greetings David. Big day ahead Tuesday I see. Hope it all goes well for you and glad you haven't lost sight of your dream. When are you planning to cast off? Fair winds.

    1. Hey Peter! Looks like you had a great sail. Cuba looks amazing.

      I'll cast off for Saint Lucia on June 17th at 9:00 AM, (barring any tropical weather issues).

      Are you at Sunset Bay?