Saturday, April 15, 2017

New Hatch Cover - Part 2

Thanks to Steve Lawson, the companionway hatch cover and hatch facia is complete.... for the most part. The varnishing will take a few more coats and the bronze mermaids will be replaced, but, in essence, this project is complete and the boat is drier in the rain.

I will post final pictures in a couple more coats of varnish.

Fair seas and God bless!

Teak plugs for the facia...

Bronze mermaids to greet... (it's the small stuff).

Epoxying the small gaps...

Caulking the seams...

Caulking is hard... had to rework a couple of seams.

First coat of varnish...

Second coat of varnish...


  1. ok, can you guys come do mine next?

    Beautiful work. The hatch cover on my boat is a fiberglass shell, but need to redo the wood on the hatch itself and around the rest of the companionway to stop a leak.

    Looks really good. Now, get some canvas sewn together to cover it and protect it from that Florida sun.

    1. Thanks Dan.

      Good idea about the canvas... anywhere online that does custom canvas?

      No more leaks though.

    2. Not sure about custom canvas online. I have my own Sailrite machine and would make my own but that's just me... Find someone with a machine and see if they would be willing to throw something together for you for a case of their favorite beverage. ;-)