Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Hatch Cover - Part 1

When I bought Annie back in March of 2014, she was in need of so many things it was easy to miss some of her needs. One of those needs was her companionway hatch cover. It was made from marine grade plywood with artificial rubber teak strips for a cover. Even then, the hatch was not exactly water tight. There were some slight leaks in heavy rains... fast forward to 2017... the minor leaks in heavy rains had become heavy leaks in minor rains. The rubber teak lookalike strips were coming unglued and the black caulk was shrinking and pulling away from the strips.

Enter Steve Lawson! Steve asked me last week what I needed done on Annie... it had recently rained and I told him about the hatch cover. He showed up at the boat a few days later, after the rains had ended, and attacked the hatch cover with an amazing level of professionalism. He even brought his own professional level tools. Talk about KOOL!

Though it's not finished and there will be a "Part 2" to this post, I had to post the work he's done so far.

Steve, you're the best!

Fair seas and God bless!

Rubber Teak lookalike strips were removed...

Under the plywood cover... (after its cleaning)

Steve - The man with a plan!


  1. it's cool how sailors come together to help others. Looking good so far.

    1. Thanks Dan... Sailors helping Sailors... seems to be a norm among that community. Steve is one of the best.