Saturday, February 25, 2017

That Bugs Me... :/

There are always projects to do on a boat... especially when you live aboard. Once a project is complete, you always hope you don't have to revisit it and most times, if you did it right, you will not, (at least not for a while). But every now and then (more often if your personality leans toward imperfect perfectionism), a past project bugs you... something about it makes you want to go back to it and FIX IT!

So it has been with my Dorade Boxes... 

Way back in February of 2015, I installed my Dorade Boxes. For those of you who do not know what Dorade Boxes are, they are wooden boxes (most often made of Teak), designed to let air inside your boat while NOT allowing water to enter in, (see diagram below).

Anyway, being new to refitting a sailboat, I didn't know that most people (not all), cut the Dorade Boxes to sit level with the waterline and that usually requires an angled cut. So, in my naivete, I just bolted them down to the deck using hanger bolts. 

February of 2015... Dorade Boxes installed (the wrong way)

Later, when I realized they were not installed correctly... IT BUGGED ME! Two years later... the bug is dead!

I still have to varnish the boxes and polish the vents, but at least now, they are right. (Please forgive my messy deck but I have a few deck projects running simultaneously).

Fair seas and God bless!

The pictures below were added on 2/27/17...

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