Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Set Back... Rudder!

Last week as I painted the bottom, getting ready to splash her this week, I discovered two extended surface cracks at the two lower hinge points of the rudder. Now, considering these cracks are below the waterline, they HAD to be repaired just to avoid water intrusion, not to mention possible structural issues that could lead to major component failure.

Once I removed the rudder, (thanks to Mike and Paul for your help), I discovered many more cracks hidden behind the pintles. ALL of these issues have to be addressed. So, Set Back... Rudder.

I will spend this week repairing the rudder and then next week, I'll finish the paint, boot stripe, name, and splash by the end of the month, barring any other unforeseen issues.

(It is what it is and ya gotta do what ya gotta do).

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Wow....project drift is to be expected I guess. You are going all out to do a very job getting the boat ship shape for the islands. Well done on leaving no stone unturned.

    1. Thanks Peter. Glad you made it to the BVI safe... followed you along the way with DeLorme.

      I found two surface cracks on the lower two hinge points and decided to fix them... when I took the rudder off, I found all the other cracks.

      I'll remove the rudder now every two years to inspect it thoroughly and to repair before water intrusion. W32's seem to have some issues with rudders, (I've heard of many needing attention and some needing rebuilding).

      Hope all is well with you... following you blog.