Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year... Under Pressure!

Annie has two brand new forty gallon fresh water tanks which I have to refill about every three to four weeks. I would not classify filling the tanks as a "project" by any means, but the process is a little involved... a "chore" would better describe it.

Because Westsail 32's have no fresh water deck fills, I have to run a hose down through the V-Berth hatch, and gain access to the tanks via the floor hatch. Each tank is then filled and the whole process takes about thirty minutes. Not a lot of time... but still, time. My question was "Why?". Why, when I am at dock with a constant fresh water supply from the city, (which is included in my slip rental), should I have to do this chore? I could not produce an answer that justified NOT having a constant water supply.

I decided, it was time to fit Annie with the ability to "plug into" the marina water source. The project only took about two hours and I think it was worth it.

I know the danger of a waterline break in the boat could potentially sink the boat, but the chances of that happening are extremely slim. The reasons being, all the waterlines in Annie are new and of good quality and I placed a quick and easy turn-off valve at the pedestal. I will simply turn off the water anytime I will be away from the boat for an extended time. If the former does not avert the danger, the latter will eliminate it. (Also, I used an in-line pressure reducer valve to lower the water pressure to 40-50 psi which is easier on the waterlines but still plenty of pressure for washing dishes, brushing teeth, etc.).

So, Annie and I will start our New Year under pressure.

Happy New Year! May God bless you richly in 2016.

Obviously this is not a Westsail 32 but the water system is exactly what I have on Annie. The blue line was what was added.

The parts and tools readied...

City water had to be tied in behind the check valve to prevent water from entering the 12 volt water system and overflow the tanks.

The hole was a little difficult considering it's location. Ask me how I do it.

The boat needs washing!

Sealed with Butyl Tape,...of course

Boat wide leak check... Passed!

Plugged into City water

...and yes, I did wash the dishes. :)


  1. I've thought of doing something similar. My galley faucet has a hot/cold side, but both setup with the foot pump. I thought of one side for foot pump and the other side with pressure water.

    1. That's an idea. Should work. I figured as long as I'm a dockside, I should take advantage of it.

      I'm eventually going to install a deck fill for the tanks but it will mean altering both tanks.

      Until then, the marina water is nice.

      Happy New Year Dan!