Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Crappy Job! (Part 3)

This Crappy Job is finished! 

I wasn't going to write a third post but when I tried to amend Part 2, the formatting kept changing and Blogger would not allow me to amend the post correctly, so here's the third post about this crappy job and hopefully, you'll never have to hear about anything else related to this genre of boatwork ever again... (fingers crossed, knock on wood).

Installed the venting fans, both solar and 12v. 

It's really pretty straightforward - removed the headliner, cut the 4" hole in the cabin top at the appropriate location, (drilled a pilot hole out and used a jigsaw to cut the hole from topside). 

I spliced into the 12v power supply from the light in the head, (spliced before the switch so the fan will run continuously unless cut off at the breaker panel). 

Caulked everything, and used butyl tape to seal all vent base edges and screw holes.

Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Looks like a nice clean installation. The vent on deck doesn't take up a lot of space and the hose below nicely hugs the corner.

    Isn't it refreshing to simplify something like this? Now no sewage holding tank taking up a lot of space and lots of hoses taking up space all over the place.

    I had spliced some wires during my installation too as the wires were going to be used between the fan and the LED lighting I installed.

    1. Thanks Dan.

      The solar vent they recommend for the Nature's Head is $181 bucks... so after searching I was able to find this one for $34. It's not stainless steel but it does appear to be made of good quality high impact plastic and it moves a lot of air.

      The holding tank was pumped empty today. The pump-out guy recommended I put Tide in the tank with a few gallons of water to wash it out and kill some of the smell so when I actually take it out, it will not be so bad. Ever heard of that?

      I definitely want to minimize the unpleasantness of that job so I'm looking for possibilities...

      Thanks for following.

    2. I've heard of detergent, vinegar, or bleach. Not sure how well any of them work. Personally, if there was any liquid, I'd probably throw a bunch of oatmeal into the tank to soak it up. That way, you don't have that liquid pouring out later. Not sure how well it would work, but just a thought I've had. I actually thought of doing that with any liquid that might be in my fuel tank when I go to cut that out.

    3. Just read water softener and detergent. The softener cause things to not stick and the detergent breaks down waste and kills odor.