Monday, December 7, 2015

A Crappy Job! (Part 2)

The crappy job continues.

The Nature's Head Composting Toilet arrived on Saturday but due to difficulties beyond my control, it did not get installed until today.

The first thing was to do something about all the holes in the bulkhead from the previous toilet/holding tank installation. I considered a number of ways to deal with this but decided that since Wainscott Vinyl planking has been a mainstay on Annie, I would just stay with it. I'm glad I did, it looks great.

Then I had to lower the platform. The Nature's Head is a tall toilet, so the platform for the previous water toilet was way too high... it had to be chopped. After a few measurements and a couple of cuts, the height was right. (The difference in height is easily seen from the unpainted floorboards). A little bit of paint and we were ready for the NH install.

Now, considering I have yet to find a solar vent to vent the head, the install was easy. When I get a solar vent, I will amend this post with pictures of the vent install. As far as the NH itself, two brackets, a couple of test placements, and you're done. Again, the venting part of the install is more involved and I'll amend this post when that happens. Obviously, until then the NH will only be used for liquid waste.

Fair seas and God bless.


  1. Simplicity always looks good.
    Nice quick install.

    1. Thanks Dan... The solar vent comes in tomorrow and if it will quit raining here, it will be installed on Thursday.

      I'll update this post with pics of the vent install. We don't need a part 3 to this Crappy post... lol.