Friday, July 3, 2015

Pressure Water Baby!

After three phases of plumbing, numerous trips to Home Depot, Lowe's, and the local hardware store, and lots of kinks, (literal and figurative), I have pressure water baby!

Today I finished my plumbing project by running the delivery hose. I came down the top of the bilge, T'ed off to the Galley and continued on to the Head. Of course, to run the hose like I did meant moving everything out of the settee storage.

Needless to say, It was a mess!

Once everything was hooked up, I ran the 12V power to the pump via the AC/DC panel, and then filled the tanks.

Once the aft tank was full, I threw the switch and watched the water filter as the pump hummed... Nothing. No water to the water filter. For some reason, the pump was not pulling the water from the tank and filling the lines.  My first thought was I had a malfunctioning pump or one that needs to be primed, (the pump came with the boat and was new, never installed). I waited a while and finished filling both tanks, closed the forward tank and opened the aft tank and tried again... WATER BABY!... (I think the forward tank valve was open and therefore the pump was sucking air from the forward tank instead of water from the aft tank).


The single spigot in the Galley would not turn off... I mean the knob would turn but water kept coming out. Home Depot. New Spigot. Old spigot would not come out... had to remove the sink... old spigot was cross threaded and had to be cut out. Now the sink drain needs new plumber's putty... it's leaking. So goes boat work.

Personal Note: Something happened to me that has never happened before in my fifty-seven years... I got an arm cramp... not just any ole arm cramp... this was the arm cramp from hell! It would not stop no matter what I did. I thought I was going to die! Ten to fifteen minutes of excruciating cramping and it finally stopped. In hindsight, it was probably my fault - I had fasted for three days and did not supplement the fast with vitamins that were high in Potassium or orange juice. With all the sweating, up and down movements, lifting, sweating, and sweating some more, etc. I was probably Potassium depleted and that caused the cramp. That will never happen again.

Anyway, I have running water and it's great!

Fair seas and God bless!

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