Friday, June 19, 2015


I started plumbing the pressure water system today and I'll tell you, plumbing is confusing! It's not so hard as to the layout and where everything goes, but all the different size fittings, threads, types, etc., it took me almost an hour just to find the right fittings for Stage I.

Stage I is what I call the Plumbing Engine. It consists of the strainer, water pump, accumulator tank, water filter, and a check valve.

Stage II will consist of supply lines and tank(s) configuration using two separate cut-off valves for each tank.

Stage III will consist of delivery system to both the Galley and Head. (This will include the electrical wiring for the 12 volt water pump).

Deciding where to mount the Plumbing Engine in my boat was easy. The small bulkhead between the aft lazarette and the engine room was a perfect place. I had easy access, just enough room, and no other place in the engine room had those advantages.

Tomorrow, IF I can finish all my office work, friend obligations, and hospital visitation, I will finish Stage II... more likely, Stage II will be completed Monday evening.

Fair seas and God bless!

Without the Plumbing Engine...

With the Plumbing Engine.

Fuji supervising my work


  1. If you can put another in-line 10" filter after the first one with an activated charcoal filter in it. The water will taste farrrrr better. Good luck with the project.

    1. Thanks Skip.

      Obviously, my problem is space as you can see, but I might be able to do something at the Galley sink.

      How's life on Emerald?

  2. Hi David, all good, melting in the +35segC heat in Greece, but having a lazy season! This is a nice change. Boat working well, but we've our winter 'punch' list too, and will come out to do a bottom job at the start of next year. DA is looking good!

    1. Hey Skip - WOW! If it's of any consolation, it's hot here as well. I'm looking forward to Fall.

      Annie is coming along slowly but surely. Slow going in this heat.

      Thanks for following.

  3. Best of luck to you as you wrap up this awesome project. You are certainly right about one thing -- plumbing is not easy at all. It sounds like the position of the plumbing engine between the aft lazarette and the engine room was really smart. It is important to have enough room to maneuver in order to fix things.

    Carmelo @ PRO Hot Water Service