Monday, June 12, 2017

Ready and Waiting... and Wet!

Everything, for the most part, is ready. All the boat projects that HAD to be finished are complete. All major systems on Annie have been checked, checked, and rechecked. All safety measures, from GPS tracking to jacklines, tethers, and offshore life jackets, to emergency flares, PLB's (Personal Locator Beacons), and many other redundant systems...are in place. Annie is ready.

One of the safety systems aboard Annie is a Delorme InReach tracking system which uses satellite GPS location with both send and receive. The system has an SOS feature which is most important, but it also allows interested parties to track Annie during her passage. Position updates are sent via satellite every 10 minutes. If you are interested in tracking our passage, simply use this link,

We are ready and waiting... and wet!

It appears that the weather will not be cooperating with us during the last few days before launch.

All is well though. Boats are made to get wet and barring any tropical developments, Annie will launch on time.

I want to thank some people who have helped me with work on Annie.

Steve Lawson, thanks for your help with the companionway hatch as well as many other jobs.

Mike Hossier. thanks for your help building a new tiller as well as many other jobs.

Paul Adams, thanks for your help in painting Annie as well as other jobs.

Hurricane Dave, thanks for all the parts and tool help.

Shiloh Spivey, best and prettiest marina/boatyard manager I know.

Joseph Love, for helping me get two extremely heavy AGM batteries up a ten foot ladder.

Dockside Marina, for bending a few rules and hence, allowing me to finish on time.

Fair Seas and God bless!