Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Annie is provisioned!

After a trip to Sam's and Walmart, Annie has enough provisions for the passage...actually, I may have bought too much. (Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry)!

I was going to list all the provisions individually, but that would take too long and provisioning a boat for passage is different for everyone... we all like different stuff.

Ironically, all the heavy foods, plus water, diesel jugs, extra boat parts, and tools, ended up on the starboard side of the boat and she is actually listing to starboard a couple of degrees. I don't like that but there's not too much I can do about it without a major cargo unpack and repack.

One thing is for certain... we won't starve for a while. (No pics of it, but the reefer is packed with flatbreads, veggies, and 3 dozen eggs).

Fair seas and God bless!

Tons of Can Goods.

Citrus stuffed Everywhere...

Green Bananas all over!

Donut Shop Coffee... Got to have Coffee!

Vidalia Onions... Don't leave Home without 'em!

Arrrrrhhh... No Scurvy on this Ship!

Cups of Noodles... a Staple of Life!

Snack Hammock!


  1. oh no! Bananas on a boat!

    No such thing as too much provisions. Just means you'll be in no hurry to get to the destination ;-)

    Looking pretty good there. Looking forward to provisioning my boat like that some day. Even if it's for a short trip... you know, like Gilligan. haha.

    1. I just heard about the bananas thing... ooopppps.

      When you do provision, don't go hungry.

    2. that's a good rule of thumb to go by :)

    3. installed inspection plates w/fittings today.

      Getting closer :D

  2. Wow... looks great!

    I have two aluminum tanks and eventually, I'll have to replace them with polyurethane. I think... not sure... but I think that the engine will have to be pulled to get the old tanks out and the new tanks in.

    Maybe they'll last for a while longer.

    1. well, just don't go my route with fiberglass. I've been working on this for over a year and SO SO SO happy to be nearing the end of this one.