Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mold, Mildew, and Nasty Things...

If you've followed my blog, you'll know I've tried a few different approaches to the flooring in Annie.

I'm not a rich man by any stretch of the imagination, so a Teak & Holly floor at $25 bucks per square foot was not going to happen - not unless I won the lottery.

I tried Allure vinyl flooring and that didn't work out, (it was too susceptible to damage and looked fake... which it was).

I tried Horizontal Bamboo and that worked good but when I received my new water tanks, I had to remove it because the tanks were too large, (height-wise), and I had to add an additional 3/4" marine grade sole to provide the room I needed for the new tanks. When I removed the Horizontal Bamboo, a number of pieces were damaged and Home Depot discontinued the line and I couldn't match it up.

Then, being a poor man, I decided to just paint the new 3/4" sole with a mildew/mold resistant paint and put down a rubber mat. That worked out fine until a little while back when I looked under the mat,.. The mildew/mold resistant paint did NOT do its job. I HAD SERIOUS MOLD & MILDEW! (No wonder I haven't been feeling well).

Actually, I'm surprised I didn't die with so much mold!

I treated the mold/mildew with both Clorox and a mold mildew remover and then decided to try one last thing... Stranded Bamboo.

Stranded Bamboo is stronger and harder that Horizontal Bamboo and is less susceptible to damage - plus, it looks great. I caught an amazing deal ($1.86 sq. ft.), where I was able to buy enough to do the whole boat and have some left over in case of future damage.

I was able to complete the main cabin today and I will finish up Mid-ship and V-berth tomorrow. I will trim it all out Saturday and get back to the topside... teak caprails are next.

Fair seas and God bless!

As a note to future re-fitters... whatever you estimate your cost of refitting an older boat, factor six to ten percent for mistakes, change of mind, the unexpected, and mold & mildew... LOL.


  1. That looks pretty good.

    I've been looking at my cabin floor lately. Pulling up one of the panels, it looks like a VERY thin veneer where sanding doesn't seem to be an option. I would have liked to sand/refinish but not sure it's possible. I like the teak/holly look, but with the current finish wearing down, I may have a need to come up with another option, but that'll be much later in the refit.

    Hope your new floor works out for you.

    1. Probably Teak & Holly plywood, $312 per 4x8 sheet at Jamestown Distributors plus shipping.

      This works for me. Annie will never be a showboat... she'll be a cruiser.

      BTW, the chainplates look great on Rhapsody.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Mike & Julie,

      I nailed... I probably should have glued also but I have a 1.5" of marine grade plywood subflooring so my 1.25" brads were firmly bedded.

      Almost finished now... a little more trim and I'll post pics of the finished product.

      (I should rename the blog, "How to refit a boat using Amazon and Home Depot").

      Thanks for following.

    2. I was just at Home Depot today looking at a few things. I'll spend some more time there when I start reworking the fresh water lines/fittings.