Monday, November 23, 2015

"DECK the Halls" - Part 2

It's rained for the last three days. After I painted the aft section of textured deck, (about 8 hours), it started raining and it fell almost constant for three days. Thankfully, the paint had time to dry but any further deck work would have to wait.

Today, the temperature fell into the lower sixties and I was able to continue my deck painting. I took on the port topside of the house. There was a lot of prep work for this one section. Some previous owner had removed some hardware from the deck and the just recklessly slathered on epoxy and some other type of filler. I had a little sculpting to do.

I took a triangle file and cleaned out every groove one by one. The result was not flawless but it was adequate...

I then cleaned the deck section, taped it off, and put down the first coat. I did not have a closed foam roller, so I decided to try a regular roller I have here on the boat... Mistake. The regular roller caused tiny bubbles to appear all over the first coat. I will let it dry overnight, sand the first coat smooth tomorrow and apply the second with a closed foam roller.

And, because of the cool temperatures, my old friend was able to stay topside and watch me work as well as the goings on here at the marina. He really enjoyed himself.

Fair  seas and God bless.


  1. Funny how we're our own worst critic of our work.

    Can't really see any bubbles in the pictures. It does look good in making the deck a little brighter, and I'm sure cooler on the feet when the sun hits it too.

    1. Hey Dan,

      I realize Annie will never be a showboat, (not on my income), but I AM quick to critique my own work. If it's not up to budget potential, it needs fixin'.

      As to the white being cooler, Annie's deck in the summer gets too hot to walk on, even though it's a cream color. I checked my buddy's deck, which was bright white, and even in direct summer sun, it was cool to the touch. Therein lies my color decision.

      Looks like Rhapsody is coming along. (Still can't remember that injectable epoxy that will restore soft decks).

      Thanks for following!