Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Waiting on The Tanks

My water tanks have made it from California to Florida via FedEx. Westsail Parts Company shipped the tanks on Friday, (thanks Bud), and they have arrived in Orlando at 3:18 PM today. Hopefully, FedEx will get them the rest of the way, (two hours), by tomorrow. 

The bilge is clean and painted waiting on the tanks. I think I am going to use pool noodles on the sides of the tanks to keep them from shifting side to side.

Once they are in place, then comes the hard! I'd like to devise a deck fill of some type. Has anyone done a deck fill on a W32? If so, please share!

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. What's that, Bilge kote? Looks really good.

    I'm thinking a deck fill would be a bit tricky considering the tanks are in the middle of the boat. Hopefully you'll find a solution so you don't have to lug hoses through the cabin.

    1. Actually Dan, it is roof paint with anti-mold/fungus from Home Depot... $25 vs. $89 for BilgeKote... on a budget! It should last a couple few years.