Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let the Plumbing Begin!

The tanks are in and the tanks are in... now let the plumbing begin!

The tanks arrived via FedEx and during my lunch hour, I ran them to the boat and plopped them down into their new home, (a nice clean painted bilge). Perfect fit! I still have to run to Walmart to pick up my Pool Noodles to cut and mold and place on the sides of the tanks, but they are in.

The accumulator tank, water strainer, check valve, and water filter are on order from Amazon and will arrive on Monday, (I already have the 12 volt pressure pump - came new with the boat). The PEX lines and fittings along with two single faucets will be picked up at Home Depot tomorrow and I will begin working my way from both sinks to the tanks. Actually, the pump, accumulator tank, strainer, and filter will all be mounted in the engine room so all lines will run there... then to the tanks. I would love to come up with a deck fill for the tanks but that will be another project for another day.

The tanks will be strapped in place tomorrow and the plumbing will begin. Say a prayer...LOL.

Fair seas and God bless!

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